About the Gypsy Vanner Breed

A little history from the mouth of Dennis Thompson, the man behind the Gypsy Vanner Breed.  Dennis reminds us, “All breeds result from a crossing by someone or some culture focused on creating a specific looking horse born from their dreamed image – their vision.  Once the ideal horse is achieved and recognized, the basic function of a breed society is to protect, educate about, perpetuate and promote the breed.  With our breed and the magic it holds, the opportunity is greater.”

In 1996 Dennis and Cindy Thompson established the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society, the world’s first registry to recognize a breed of horse developed by the Gypsies of Great Britain/Ireland and the only such registry founded on an in depth study of British/Irish Gypsies and their horses.

Dennis and Cindy Thompson brought the first two Vanner fillies  to the United States November 24, 1996.  This was after years of traveling back and forth across the water, years of searching and listening to the Gypsies that would learn to trust The Thompsons,  learning of the half century of selective breeding by a few Gypsy families.  Dennis’s  obsession continued as he brought  the first two stallions to his home (Cushi Bok and The Gypsy King) Easter Sunday 1997 and Easter Sunday 1998  followed shortly by 12 more mares. 

Americans would now be able to share  in his obsession of the Vanner, a horse suited to pull a caravan, with enormous amount of feather, more color and a sweeter head.

Thank you Dennis as I own the granddaughter of The Gypsy King, Once in a Blue Moon.   Without you and the vision of the Gypsy families, this would never have happened,