Miniature Donkeys are those that at 34″ and under in height.  They carry the sign of the cross on their back and the only animal to “speak” in the Bible.

They have sweet, loving attitudes and like to be a companion.  They perform in shows the same as horses as well as making great pets  for all ages.

A male is called a “jack”.

The female is called a “jennet”.

Here at our little ranch, we breed the Miniature Donkeys that are  approx  32.0″ and below. We also breed for all colors and for a sweet, people loving personality.  We handle or imprint each foal from the time they are born.

We produce QUALITY AND not quantity!   Come and visit us if you can.  We welcome you .

Female miniature donkeys Georgia

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Princess, Mature Adult Miniature Donkey,
Jennet Wooley
DOB: 10/04/2011
Color: Mostly white, very few dark spots and does have dark eye patches

Princess thinks that she is just that, a princess.  She walks with a different air and personality.  She has excellent confirmation.

Sire:  PMF Bo Jackson who is a 3 star rated jack.  31.50″   Black/brn
Dam:  Southerlin’s Little Voo Top.   Gray/white spot   30.0″

Female mini donkeys Georgia

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Lady Bug, Sorrel Miniature Donkey,
Adult Jennet

Lady Bug is the dam to our cutie, Lady Byrd.  She is a great breeder.
will be posting info shortly

 Prada 5 31 2014

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Prada, Black Miniature Donkey,
Adult Jennet

KZ’s BLACK PRADA,   Prada is a beautiful solid black  jennet. She has personality plus. She is an easy keeper who loves her attention. She loves people and due to her young age, she is ready for a long future of breeding.  Prada is presently bred to Pastishito P., jack
DOB: 06/08/2008

SIRE:  Shelby’s Gadica, Black, 30.75″
DAM:  MGF Jersey Girl, Black & White Spot

Misc minis and babies etc 033 (800x627)

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Shadow,  Miniature Donkey,
Adult Jennet
Dark Gray and White Spot

LEWIS MILL’S SHADOW   Shadow is a sweetie with beautiful gray surrounding each eye, henceforth the name.  She has a good bloodline of a Sire that is known for throwing Black and White spots.  This Sire is Baalam

Add her to your breeding stock for that Black and White that is so popular.

Sire:  MGF Painted Balaam,  Black and White spot,  31.50″, Reg # 47133 DOB: 06/10/2003
DAM: Shadow Lake Sue,  Reg #  J049512″ (I have owned several of her foals and was always pleased.)

FOR SALE:    cell: 229 942 8638   home:  229 268 7331

Susie left side

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SUSIE,   Black miniature Donkey,
Adult Jennet

LEWIS MILL’S BLACK EYED SUSIE.  Susie is sired by the well known PMF Bo Jackson whose bloodline is know for confirmation and black. Bo Jackson is a 3 Star Rated Jack. Susie has his excellent qualities. She shows off her excellent confirmation and sweet, loving personality.  She is sired by the 3 STAR Rated, PMF Bo Jackson.
DOB: 11/15/2010
COLOR: Deep Dark Brown/Black
SIRE:   PMF Bo Jackson, 3 Star Rated, Brown/Black,   31.50″
DAM: Hartman’s Alba, Black/Brown

2012-02-15 17.26.49

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TEENSEY, Miniature Donkey,
Small Adult Jennet

LEWIS MILL’S TEENSEY     Teensey is a small jennet.  Her bloodlines bear out her small confirmation.

Her Dam, Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. Lil Annie’s foals have always been very small.  ie: Justa Smidgin; Justa Pinch and now Teensey.
COLOR:  Gray/Brown

SIRE:  Triple G Casino,  Brown,  28.0″,  Reg# 44005
DAM:  Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. Lil Annie,  27.50″,  Gray Dun,  Reg # 2320



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DUMPLING,  Miniature Donkey,
Adult Jennet

LEWIS MILL’S BANDITO DUMPLING. Sometimes the name says it all as it does in this case.  A jennet so sweet and good could only be called “Dumpling”. She does her part to let you know that she is a people lover. Confirmation is due to the fact that her Dam’s Sire is the well known Charlie Bandito, a 4 Star Rated Jack
DOB: 03/07/2010
COLOR: gray/sorrel

SIRE:  Triple G Casino, 30.50″, Brown  Reg #  44005
DAM:  Wray’s Charlie Bandito Miss Queen, 32.50″, Dark Brn,Sorrel & white spot, Reg 44642

Misc minis and babies etc 075 (640x455)

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DOB:  07-03-2008
COLOR:   Black and White

Mary is a well built jennet with excellent BLACK BLOODLINES.  She produces well built foals too.

Sire:   Dewey Meadows Primo  dark (blk)/white   32.0″  (also Sire to Prime Time Blk/wht 30.50″)
Dam:  Allen’s Acre’s Sweet Black Cherrie,   black  34″