Gypsy Vanner Horses

Girl getting kissed by horse

Gypsy Horse kisses are the best

Mystical and breathtaking horses are bred at Lewis Mill Ranch, a small horse breeding ranch in Vienna, Georgia. We breed Gypsy Vanner Horses, Vanner Stallions and Cobs.

We raise our animals with much love and delicate care, treating them as a part of our family. Our quaint ranch offers the perfect home for our Gypsy horses, miniature horses and miniature donkeys. With quaint barns, a pasture, a pond and pines, our horses get the royal treatment with the utmost of respect.

Gypsy Vanner Horses boast lavish manes, tails with unique feathering and a heavy bone structure. From the United Kingdom, these horses have a bonding nature, calm attitude and even temperament. Also known as Gypsy Cob, Tinker Horse, the Traveller’s Horse and the Romany Horse, these stunning creatures make up some of the rarest breeds of horses in North America.

Take home one of these mysterious, beautiful horses. Contact us today to get started.

Jora’s Joy

Jora’s Joy

Lady in the Moon from Lewis Mill Ranch

Lady in the Moon, Gypsy filly at 1 mo, The Midget X BPF Once in a Blue Moon from The Gypsy King

Saint Patrick “Paddy” at 2 mo old waiting on mama Gypsy Colt by The Midget and Liberty Hill’s Lexie from The Lion King

Lady in the Moon, Gypsy filly at 1 mo, The Midget X BPF Once in a Blue Moon from The Gypsy King

Sultry Ginger, 1 mo in picture, Gypsy filly by Aunquie Kilchi (son of Alffie of Brackenhill UK) X Willow of The Midget


LexLin’s Willow GV02187F1 female

WILLOW 13.0 HH , Bay and White ****Bred to Kilchii, son of Alfie for 2018 DOB: August 24, 2010 Click Picture to Enlarge Willow: This mare is a big boned, heavy feathered gypsy form awesome bloodlines on both sides. She is calm and loving. She began training in May 2014. It is a beautiful site… Read more »


Barn Name” “BABY” Once in a Blue Moon (Baby) was my first Gypsy Vanner Horse and I really spoiled her and she spoiled me. She still loves to lay her head on my shoulder and roll her beautiful brown eyes at me. This makes my heart melt. She rides great also. Baby is very calm… Read more »