about horse feather from Fred Walker -King of the Coloured Horses

ONLY HAIRY LEGS —–“Feathering is a quantitative trait since there is a continuous variation in the amount of feathering a horse could have, from none at all to abundant. Therefore, it is probably the result of additive gene action, which means that there are undoubtedly several pairs of genes, which increase feathering. A horse with… Read more »

Why Miniature Donkeys

Not everyone has the space for large equine.  The Miniature Donkey does not require large acreage; however, they do provide just what many people are looking for.  You may be looking for that special loving, easy going pet, that show animal for Halter, driving,jumping and /or Showmanship, that animal for breeding purposes or simply one… Read more »

About the Gypsy Vanner Breed

A little history from the mouth of Dennis Thompson, the man behind the Gypsy Vanner Breed.  Dennis reminds us, “All breeds result from a crossing by someone or some culture focused on creating a specific looking horse born from their dreamed image – their vision.  Once the ideal horse is achieved and recognized, the basic… Read more »

Gypsy Horses Have Feathers

Gypsy horses are named after the very people who bred them into the beautiful creatures they are – the gypsies. Gypsies believe that there is no such thing as too much feather, and any legitimate, serious gypsy breeder will tell you the same. So what is feather exactly? To be feathered, the horse must have… Read more »

What Do Miniature Horses Eat?

Whether you are reading this blog post because you love miniature horses and want to learn more, or because you own a horse yourself, Lewis Mill Ranch sends their regards! Like regular sized horses, miniature horses are most accustomed to eating grasses and grains. As the Horse Guide Foundation point out, “If you have a… Read more »