Miniature Donkeys

Miniature DonkeysBaby Miniature Grey Donkey


Miniature Donkey, adult jennet DOB: 03/07/2010 LEWIS MILL’S BANDITO DUMPLING. Sometimes the name says it all as it does in this case. A jennet so sweet and good could only be called “Dumpling”. She does her part to let you know that she is a people lover. Confirmation is due to the fact that her… Read more »

TEENSEY female

Miniature Donkey, Small Adult Jennet DOB: 10/02/2010 LEWIS MILL’S TEENSEY Teensey is a small jennet. Her bloodlines bear out her small confirmation. Her Dam, Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. Lil Annie’s foals have always been very small. ie: Justa Smidgin; Justa Pinch and now Teensey. DOB:10/02/2010 COLOR: Gray/Brown click to enlarge SIRE: Triple G Casino, Brown,… Read more »

SUSIE female

Black miniature Donkey, adult jennet DOB 11/15/2010 LEWIS MILL’S BLACK EYED SUSIE. Susie is sired by the well known PMF Bo Jackson whose bloodline is know for confirmation and black. Bo Jackson is a 3 Star Rated Jack. Susie has his excellent qualities. She shows off her excellent confirmation and sweet, loving personality. She is… Read more »

Shadow female

Miniature Donkey, adult jennet dark gray and white spot DOB  03/26/2011 LEWIS MILL’S SHADOW Shadow is a sweetie with beautiful gray surrounding each eye, henceforth the name. She has a good bloodline of a Sire that is known for throwing Black and White spots. Her Sire is Balaam Sire: MGF Painted Balaam, Black and White… Read more »

Prada female

Black Miniature Donkey, Adult Jennet DOB 06/08/2008 KZ’s BLACK PRADA, Prada is a beautiful solid black jennet. She has personality plus. She is an easy keeper who loves her attention. She loves people and due to her young age, she is ready for a long future of breeding. Prada is presently bred to Pastishito P.,… Read more »

Lady Bug female

sorrel miniature donkey, adult jennet Lady Bug is the dam to our cutie, Lady Byrd. She is a great breeder. will be posting info shortly

Princess female

Mature Adult Miniature Donkey, Jennet Wooley DOB: 10/04/2011 Color: Mostly white, very few dark spots and does have dark eye patches Princess thinks that she is just that, a princess. She walks with a different air and personality. She has excellent confirmation. Sire: PMF Bo Jackson who is a 3 star rated jack. 31.50″ Black/brn… Read more »

Bravo male

Dark Chocolate with LP Bravo is another gentle jack. Treats the girls easy. Sire: Lewis Mill’s Lil Rooster, Dark Chocolate 27.0″ Dam: Wray’s Smokie Rose aka “Rosie”, Chocolate

Lil Man, Black Breeding Jack FOR SALE male

Black with light nose A small very loving, gentle jack Sire: Triple G. Casino, 28″ Dark Brown Reg 44005 Dam: Valean’s Carmelita 30.50″ Black Reg 44642


A small black and white spotted jack, Pastashio P. has a very good bloodline and his size is excellent. Pistashio is 29.75″ and stocky built. (size has been corrected 4/5/2013 mature height SIRE: Thunder Valley Bentley, spot, 31.50″ Reg #39516 DAM: Gardner’s Vonseal B., Gray, Dun, 32.0 Reg# 50937 Pistashio says, “Please excuse my red… Read more »