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Quaint barns, rolling pastures, beautiful pines and a small pond compose Lewis Mill Ranch, a miniature horse and donkey-breeding Ranch in Vienna, Georgia.

We rate our horses high in our hearts and raise them with love and care. Committed to bringing respect, recognition and understanding to each breed, we have raised, bred and sold miniature horses since 2007.

We sell miniature horses, miniature donkeys and stunning Gypsy Vanner horses. With their eager dispositions, miniature horses prove extremely friendly and interact well with people of all ages. Owning some of the rarest breeds of horses in North America, we are proud to pass on our beautiful animals into your caring hands.

Each of our miniature horses possesses strong, personable qualities. From sweet to sassy dispositions, our horses are easy to relate to and love. Make a miniature horse a part of your family today.

Please contact us with any questions about our loveable miniature horses and to bring one home with you.


Lewis Mill’s Charlie, Miniature Horse Stallion BREEDER IS NOT FOR SALE

A solid black handsome stallion with a sweet personality.  He throws awesome foals that carry his gentleness and loving character.  He is truly our stud of whom we are very proud.  You would be blessed to own one of his foals.   A young 2 yrs old in picture.  He is 5 now and built.



Lewis Mill Ranch

LEWIS MILL’S CHARLIE…..Stallion DOB: April 1, 2011 Charlie has a sweet disposition. His favorite past time is standing, whinnying while watching Baby(Once in a Blue Moon), the Gypsy Vanner horse when she is brought out to ride. Charlie is not registered yet.



Lewis Mill Ranch

IMPRESSIBLE DESIGNS MISS ROXIE A 204978 Sex: Mare DOB: 03/12/2011 Color: Sorrel PintoSire: Impressible Designs Painted Fox A 157167 32.0” Parentage Qualified of Impressible Majestys Fine Design 29.750” A 75866 X Impressibles Foxy Feature 28.500” A 67142Dam: Jay Ceez Miss April A 123533 33.250″ DNA tested Gilliams Good Buddy 30.00” A 21009 X Miss Precilla… Read more »