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Lewis Mill’s Charlie, Miniature Horse Stallion BREEDER IS NOT FOR SALE

A solid black handsome stallion with a sweet personality.  He throws awesome foals that carry his gentleness and loving character.  He is truly our stud of whom we are very proud.  You would be blessed to own one of his foals.   A young 2 yrs old in picture.  He is 5 now and built.

Impressible Designs Miss Roxie – Miniature Mare is a breeder and not for sale

Impressible Designs Miss Roxie is one of our main breeding mini mares. She is small with the sweetest personality.  The mini mare loves to come and get her individual attention.  She throws foal with great confirmation.  Roxie is a  keeper for the Ranch in order for us to continue to provide quality miniatures to our… Read more »


Lewis Mill Ranch

Miniature Donkey, adult jennet DOB: 03/07/2010 LEWIS MILL’S BANDITO DUMPLING. Sometimes the name says it all as it does in this case. A jennet so sweet and good could only be called “Dumpling”. She does her part to let you know that she is a people lover. Confirmation is due to the fact that her… Read more »


Lewis Mill Ranch

Miniature Donkey, Small Adult Jennet DOB: 10/02/2010 LEWIS MILL’S TEENSEY Teensey is a small jennet. Her bloodlines bear out her small confirmation. Her Dam, Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. Lil Annie’s foals have always been very small. ie: Justa Smidgin; Justa Pinch and now Teensey. DOB:10/02/2010 COLOR: Gray/Brown click to enlarge SIRE: Triple G Casino, Brown,… Read more »


Lewis Mill Ranch

Black miniature Donkey, adult jennet DOB 11/15/2010 LEWIS MILL’S BLACK EYED SUSIE. Susie is sired by the well known PMF Bo Jackson whose bloodline is know for confirmation and black. Bo Jackson is a 3 Star Rated Jack. Susie has his excellent qualities. She shows off her excellent confirmation and sweet, loving personality. She is… Read more »


Lewis Mill Ranch

Miniature Donkey, adult jennet dark gray and white spot DOB  03/26/2011 LEWIS MILL’S SHADOW Shadow is a sweetie with beautiful gray surrounding each eye, henceforth the name. She has a good bloodline of a Sire that is known for throwing Black and White spots. Her Sire is Balaam Sire: MGF Painted Balaam, Black and White… Read more »