What Do Miniature Horses Eat?

Whether you are reading this blog post because you love miniature horses and want to learn more, or because you own a horse yourself, Lewis Mill Ranch sends their regards!

Like regular sized horses, miniature horses are most accustomed to eating grasses and grains. As the Horse Guide Foundation point out, “If you have a lush lawn, a miniature horse makes an excellent lawn mower and can survive off eating mostly grass. Be careful, though—they might chew your lawn right down to its roots! Hay is a suitable substitute and a healthy addition for miniature horses when fresh grass is not available.” Because each individual horse will have different nutritional needs, it is important to talk to your veterinarian before starting your horse on a regimen. HGF also states, “However, crimped oats are often an important part of a miniature horse’s daily diet. It is also important that your horse has access to minerals; an easy way to make sure your horse is getting their daily intake is to provide your mini horse with open access to a brick of plain salt as well as to a brick of salt that contains trace minerals.” Although feeding a horse is often expensive, miniature horses do not need as much to eat and therefore are a much more viable pet when looking at the situation from a cost perspective.

Of course, it is always important that your miniature horse have access to clean, cool water—an ample supply is especially important when the horse is living in a hotter climate or in an area that doesn’t provide a lot of shade.

Mini horses are known for having a sweet tooth—many horses enjoy apples and carrots, as well as soda, candy, and breakfast cereal. Although it is okay to indulge your horse every once and awhile, be sure not too give them too many treats! The American Miniature Horses website suggests that you monitor your horse’s weight by pressing your fingers into their sides near their ribcage—you should be able to feel their ribs with your fingers, but they shouldn’t be too prominent.

For more information on miniature horses check out the Horse Guide Foundation and AmericanMinatureHorses.com.