Why Miniature Donkeys

Not everyone has the space for large equine.  The Miniature Donkey does not require large acreage; however, they do provide just what many people are looking for.  You may be looking for that special loving, easy going pet, that show animal for Halter, driving,jumping and /or Showmanship, that animal for breeding purposes or simply one for therapy.

A Miniature donkey ‘s behavior is much more subtle the the horse.  They are very smart and caucus of anything that is unfamiliar to them; hence, they are called stubborn.   They are not stubborn, instead, they wait until  they are sure that the new unknown is not a danger to them.  Therefore, it is best  to have patience with them and your companion will be much nicer to be around.

A Miniature donkey is a social animal and if treated right, they will be as friendly as your favorite dog or cat.  Your actions determine the attitude of the donkey towards humans.